March 23, 2011

Matt Stevens: The European Perspective Sessions


UK prog guitar maestro Matt Stevens played an acoustic - "unprogged" - live session on March 8 for The European Perspective. No overdubs, no studio tricks, but six well played tracks, including two brand new ones, all first takes. Stevens is in the midst of recording his third full length and releasing The European Perspective Sessions on a "pay-what-you-want" basis he hopes to raise funds for the final touches for the new album.

The sessions were engineered by David Elliott at The Landing studios.

Matt Stevens: The European Perspective Sessions

The European Perspective Sessions is a self-released album. Download it from his website.

  1. 8.19
  2. Rusty
  3. Scapegoat
  4. Moondial
  5. Big Sky
  6. Burning Bandstands
Live dates:
  • 04/03 The Peel, London, UK
  • 04/29 The Attic, Rushden, UK
  • 05/19 Beat, Blackpool, UK
  • 06/17 The Jubilee Bar, Islwyn, UK


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