March 06, 2011

L'Altra: Telepathic

photo: Andreas Larsson

Joseph Desler Costa (vocals, guitar) and Lindsay Anderson (vocals, keyboards) are L'Altra, a dreamy op duo that blends together seamlessly. It's hard to tell that they were living in Chicago and Brooklyn and Chicago while putting together their new album Telepathic.

With the help of Charles Rumback, Elisa Graci, and Alessandro Baris they have added strings and drums to the mix, sounding a bit like a subdued version of Spottiswoode & His Enemies when Desler steps up to the microphone. Anderson has a smoother sound, with an feel traversing into girlie bubblegum pop.

L'Altra: Telepathic

Telepathic is released on Acuarela.

  1. Dark Corners I
  2. Nothing Can Tear It Apart
  3. Big Air Kiss
  4. Boys
  5. When the Ships Sinks
  6. Black Wind
  7. Either Was the Other's Mine
  8. Winter Loves Summer Sun
  9. This Bruise
  10. Telepathic
  11. Dark Corners II

Live date:
  • 03/16 Austin, TX @ SXSW Hideout Theater


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