March 15, 2011

Bruce Arnold: Heavy Mental

Bruce Arnold
photo: Bernard Levy

Bruce Arnold is a guitar player. He is more than that - he is a performer, composer, author and educator (he is the director of guitar studies at New York University and Princeton University as well as the creator of the New York University Summer Guitar Intensive).

Well versed in musical theory he explores the boundaries of modern classical music, like fitting in Schönberg's 12-tone system a within traditional blues scheme. His new album Heavy Mental is his 28th release and he hasn't run out of ideas yet. Building around a great tone Arnold dons musical costumes within the blink of an eye. This is a something for everyone album, that is impossible to classify. Satriani shredding meets avant-garde meets jazz meets rock meets NOLA funk.

Backed by Andy Galore on bass, who comes up with nifty chordal runs, and drummer Kirk Driscoll who throws in jazz to spice things up, Heavy Mental it the kind of album that will make want to buy huge chunks of back catalog, too. Ambitious and challenging - a six string Svengali who lays the "those who can't teach" put-down to rest.

Bruce Arnold: guitar
Andy Galore: bass
Kirk Driscoll: drums

Bruce Arnold: Heavy Mental

Heavy Mental is released on Muse-eek records.

  1. 12 Tone Boogie
  2. Multiplicity
  3. Lock and Key
  4. Heard Instinct
  5. Dakota Gumbo
  6. Blues for Arnie
  7. Numbers

Watch a wealth of Bruce Arnold live videos.


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