March 03, 2011

Bridges and Powerlines: Eve

Bridges and Powerlines continue churning out 21st Century pop songs. Their latest album Eve has an updated Wall of Sound, with the keyboards things center stage. Still an inner circle band they have enlisted the help of indie singer Will Stratton, Steven Harris (The Cult) and producer Kieran Kelley.

The Brooklyn band have honed their craft and took an unprecedented three months to finish the album. It has paid off handsomely, ending up with a collection of songs that is definitely pop with a New York fuzz tone to keep it interesting for the music geeks niche. Carefully arranged this album will comfortably next to The Zombies and The Shirts.

Bridges and Powerlines:
Andrew Wood: keys, vocals
David Boyd: guitar, vocals
Keith Sigel: bass, vocals
Mason Ingram: drums

Bridges and Powerlines: Eve

Eve is released on Stunning Models on Display Records. Buy it through

  1. The First Equation
  2. Mirabell
  3. Balcony
  4. The Cave-In
  5. I Remember A Blue Sky
  6. Eve
  7. The Roman Leaders
  8. The Jameson
  9. Gazes Wide
  10. The Leaves
  11. Floodlights

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