February 14, 2011

Trey Anastasio: the Hidden Track interview (part #1)

Hidden Track has published the first part of an interview with Trey Anastasio. The TAB tour kicks on February 18, Will they play new songs?

There’s always new stuff floating around. It would be fun to play [My] Problem Right There with Tony and Russ and Ray and the horns. It’s a perfect song for this band, though I’m actually not sure yet what we’ll do. I’m excited to revisit some of the stuff that was new last tour, like Valentine, because these songs usually take a tour or so to find their comfort zone. Last year was the first tour for this seven piece incarnation, and bands usually settle in after the first tour. Even Phish was a little less relaxed on the first tour back in 2009 than we were in 2010 with one tour behind us. It just always goes that way. This band felt way looser to me at the [Hangout Festival] than it had on much of the previous tour. When the arrangements are internalized, everyone gets comfortable, and there is space to explore.

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HCTF review of TAB at the Tab.

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