February 08, 2011

Danny Schmidt: Man of Many Moons

Danny Schmidt is still growing as a lyricist. He was already damn good, but he reaches new heights on his latest album Man of Many Moons. The title track refers to his being on the road, and driving in the dark of night with the moon as a companion.

He has found a kindred soul in Carrie Elkin, a fellow folk singer, but.he sidesteps the pitfall of sappy love songs. Ragtime Ragtime Blues is about dealing with commitment and failing, which will get her angry for sure, while Houses Sing is about looking for a new home, with all the possible places of residence trying hard to please him. The sole cover on the album, Dylan's Buckets of Rain fits in perfectly. He echoes the sentiment in On Abundance, realizing that he is happy right now, but others may not be so lucky right now. Having second thoughts comes naturally to Schmidt, but for now it appears that the loner has found a home.

Danny Schmidt: vocals, guitar
Will Sexton: bass and acoustic guitar
Carrie Elkin: harmony vocals
Raina Rose: harmony vocals
Ray Bonneville: harmonica
Keith Gary: piano

Danny Schmidt: Man of Many Moons

Man of Many Moons is released on Red House Records.

  1. Houses Sing
  2. Little White Angels
  3. Man Of Many Moons
  4. Buckets Of Rain
  5. Ragtime Ragtime Blues
  6. Guilty By Association Blues
  7. Almost Round The World
  8. Two Guitars
  9. On Abundance
  10. I've Mostly Watched
  11. Know Thy Place

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