February 18, 2011

Carrie Elkin: Call It My Garden

Austin singer-songwriter Carrie Elkin has been flying under the radar since 1996 when she recorded her first album Simplicity. Starting out as an Americana singer with an acoustic guitar she has expanded her sound over the years and on her new album Call It My Garden she switches between country, gospel and folk.

Christian imagery is obviously a huge influence, but not the fire and brimstone kind, as well as being on the road - there are songs about Iowa, Berlin and St. Louis. The album is dedicated to her boy friend, singer-songwriter Danny Schmidt, who supplied backing vocals and the odd bit of percussion. Colin Brooks plays warm sounding Dobro and lap steel.

Carrie Elkin: lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Andrew Pressman: upright bass
Colin Brooks (The Band of Heathens): lap steel, Dobro, electric and acoustic guitars, vocals
Danny Schmidt: vocals, percussion
David Moss: cello
Dony Wynn: drums, percussion
Johnny Hermanson (Storyhill): vocals
Mark Addison: organ, glockenspeil, percussion
Raina Rose: vocals
Robby Hecht: vocals
Sam Baker: vocals
Trevor Smith: banjo, mandolin, acoustic guitar

Carrie Elkin: Call It My Garden

Call It My Garden is released on Red House Records.

  1. Jesse Likes Birds
  2. Guilty Hands
  3. Lift up the Anchor
  4. The Things We're Afraid of
  5. Iowa
  6. Landeth by Sea
  7. Shots Rang Out
  8. Berlin
  9. St. Louis
  10. Dear Sam
  11. Edge of the World

Video: Carrie Elkin - The Making of "Call It My Garden"

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