January 20, 2011

Yellowbirds: The Color

Glorious glissandos. There are plenty of them on The Color, the new album by Brooklyn Yellowbirds. Fronted by Sam Cohen (Apollo Sunshine) this sextet lays down psychedelic folk that sounds weird, but friendly. With carefully applied ambient sounds that transport back to the Pink Floyd ca. 1970, it sounds like Arcadia has been transported to Texas, where Cohen grew up.

Burbling keyboards, deceptively simple drums, distorted guitars and first and foremost the vocal harmonies has written audiophile over it in large, friendly letters. The title track is an 101 on how to construct a modern day pop song, while Our Good Days Are Gone could have been released by The Kinks, with the lyrics taking on hard hitting power chords and a tidal wave of keyboard notes.

Sam Cohen: vocals, guitar, autoharp, bass, drums, drum machine, synth, percussion, ambient tracks
George Lewis Jr.: bass, vocal harmonies
Brian Geltner: drums, percussion, vocals
Max Koepke: nylon string acoustic guitar, autoharp, backing vocals
Wynne Bennett: organ
Alecia Chakour: vocal harmonies

The Color is released on Royal Potato Family. Release date: February 15.

  1. The Rest Of My Life
  2. Rings In the Trees
  3. Beneath the Reach Of Light
  4. The Color II
  5. The Honest Ocean
  6. The Color
  7. Pulaski Bridge
  8. Our Good Days Are Gone
  9. In Our World
  10. Wagner, Max
  11. The Reason

Live dates:
  • 01/20 Webster Hall The Studio, New York, NY
  • 02/12 Cake Shop, New York, NY

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