January 29, 2011

xrFarflight: under the spell of the cyclops' view! + free "producing dust" EP

German neo-psychedelic duo xrFarflight will release their new album under the spell of the cyclops' view! on March 4. A current free EP has three outtakes and one track of the album.

Multi-instrumentalists Karsten Genz and Daniel Gädicke joined forces in 2003 with a shared passion love for early Pink Floyd and Soft Machine. With dreamy lyrics inspired by fairy tales and sci-fi and a pasoral feel it's the perfect soundtrack for a picnic on a sunny day in Spring. Taking it's title from the very first line in the album's opener spacecramp, the songs flow like a lazy brook with a few treacherous undercurrents to keep it interesting. Tracks like walkin' the snowman and and a fat, ill-tempered baby bring back The Kinks in their Village Green Preservation Society phase, while insects sound a lot like early Bowie, just before he went stellar, shedding the last bit of his folk roots.

xrFarflight: under the spell of the cyclops' view!

Under the spell of the cyclops' view!, is a self-released album and will be released on CD and LP. Pre-order it form the band's website.

  1. spacecramp
  2. producing dust
  3. drip
  4. ditchwater
  5. sun/moon
  6. embryo & janitor
  7. satellite
  8. insects
  9. bluebottle
  10. a fat, ill-tempered baby
  11. walkin' the snowman
  12. triangle
  13. road theme

xrFarflight: producing dust

The producing dust EP contains three tracks that were recorded during sessions, but they didn't make the album. Download it for free from the band's website.

  1. producing dust
  2. papermaché icecream wafer's end
  3. a slight nausea
  4. swirl up, dealing, drone

Nadja Rüdebusch of Binoculers joines the band on stage during their live shows.

Live dates:
  • 03/05 Kassel @ Haus *
  • 03/06 Göttingen @ Pools *
  • 03/08 Magdeburg @ Riff *
  • 03/10 Chur @ Werkstatt %
  • 03/11 Künten @ Atelier %
  • 03/14 Zürich @ Boschbar %
  • 03/16 Trier @ Café Lübke Sounds *
  • 03/17 Düsseldorf @ Brause *
  • 03/18 Aachen @ Raststätte *
  • 03/19 Freudenberg @ Festival
  • 03/20 Hamburg @ AstraStube *
  • 04/21 Hamburg @ Silber $
  • 05/07 Bremen @ Kurzschluss *

* w/ Binoculers
% w/ Yakari
$ w/ The Monochrome Set

» xrfarflight.com

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