January 08, 2011

Elika: Snuggle Bunnies

Evagelia Maravelias and Brian Wenckebach are Elika, a duo from in Brooklyn. Their new full-length Snuggle Bunnies is bit more experimental than its predecessor Trying Got Us Nowhere. Singer Evagelia Maravelias stills sounds an awful lot like Madonna, but with a better range and not straying of pitch.

Basically an electronically driven shoegaze outfit, they have sneaked in dreamy soundscapes, like the instrumental Polynya and lazy afterhours vocals for the album's closing track Tidal Wave. This is a Sunday morning album. Play it while browsing absently through the segments of a newspaper.

Evagelia Maravelias: vocals, keyboards, illustration
Brian Wenckebach: guitar, keyboards, programming

Elika: Snuggle Bunnies

Snuggle Bunnies is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website.

  1. Summer
  2. Stand Still
  3. Death & Avalanches
  4. The Darkside
  5. Seam
  6. Less Than Greek
  7. Near You
  8. All The People Mourning
  9. Polynya
  10. Tidal Wave

» elikamusic.com

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