December 17, 2010

The Fervor: Arise, Great Warrior

Singer Natalie Felker is the heart and soul of The Fervor, a mid-tempo powerpop band from Louisville, KY. She sings in a matter of fact kind of way, dividing her attention between the lyrics and playing keyboards. Husband Ben takes care of the guitar in a subdued way that can suddenly explode without warning, rescuing the sound of the band from self-absorbed shoegazing. Drummer Mat Herron doesn't hold back and follows the melody while subtly changing it, an alternate current subtly clashing with the keyboards. Bass player Michael Campbell is on the same page sometimes, but he keeps a firm stand as a whole.

Arise, Great Warrior is a collection of songs that reveal more layers are each listen. The lead single Crazy For The Feeling is the most upbeat and will gain some well deserved airplay. The big one however is Bent Around A Dying Dream, with a great battle of sorts between acoustic and electric guitar, that is ended by Natalie's voice and keys and Ben's backing vocals.

The Fervor: Arise, Great Warrior

Arise, Great Warrior is released via Removador and Karate Body Records (vinyl). Release date: February 8, 2011.

  1. Arise, Great Warrior
  2. Lead Me
  3. Bent Around A Dying Dream
  4. Clearly As The Sun
  5. Birds On The Bridge
  6. Crazy For The Feeling
  7. Let's Get Loaded

The Fervor:
Natalie Felker: vocals, keys, Rhodes, Hammond B3
Ben Felker; guitar, backing vocals
Michael Campbell: bass, guitar
Mat Herron: drums


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