December 22, 2010

Modern Day Moonshine: Refuge

Modern Day Moonshine is a jukebox filled with originals, The trio from San Francisco, CA cover a lot of styles on their latest album Refuge. Allman Brothers inspired blues rock (Unsung), soulful funk (Expiration Date' and Southern Rock (Perfect Disease) and vaudeville lounge lizard stuff (Burton (things you’ve arranged)).

Songwriter, vocalist and guitar player Todd Goodnough is a man who write a tune about almost anything. Bass player Brendan McCaskey is tight in the pocket, augmenting and/or following the melody, while drummer David Burrows uses all of his kit to come up with tasty fills and frills. Being a West Coast band, these guys grew up on a healthy diet of vocal harmonizing and this album. With more than 500 live show under their belt, this trio can play for days on end without repeating the same song twice. Not a jam band as such, their repertoire has the length and depth to keep their audience guessing about with they will play next. Recommended if you like bands New Monsoon and Railroad Earth.

Modern Day Moonshine:
Todd Goodnough: guitar, vocals
David Burrows: drums
Brendan McCaskey: bass

Modern Day Moonshine: Refuge

Refuge is released on Ripple Music.

  1. Unsung
  2. Expiration Date
  3. Don’t Waste
  4. Living In Shadows
  5. Perfect Disease
  6. Burton (things you’ve arranged)
  7. Fitting The Mold
  8. Home on the Road
  9. Marching Down the Line
  10. Finding Home
  11. Magistrate
  12. Without Love


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