November 07, 2010

Mon Khmer: Mon Khmer

Lazy songs with a repetitive rhythm guitar beat. Bostonians Mon Khmer have released a self-titled debut EP. They moved to Brooklyn to carve a niche in the electronic shoegaze scene, with a jazz twist as their unique selling point.

Mon Khmer: Mon Khmer

They sound awfully English for an American East band, incorporating bits of The Smiths and the latter day Cure. Vocalist Hammarsing Kharhmar has been spinning David Bowie records ad infinitum and he does a rather good job with his phrasing, but he hasn't quite got the power and depth of the Thin White Duke. Think Jim Reid of the Jesus and Mary Chain without an edge of darkness.

Mon Khmer:
Hammarsing Kharhmar: vocals, guitar
Elias Meister: guitar, synth
Matt Scheiner: bass, synth, vocals
Dave Cole: drums, percussion

Mon Khmer is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website. Also available on vinyl with four extra tracks.

Tracks (EP):
  1. Birthplace
  2. Passwords
  3. Anniversary
  4. Interlude
  5. Movement
  6. George
Tracks (vinyl):
  1. When to Let Go
  2. Passwords
  3. Anniversary
  4. Golden Lights
  5. Wolfgang
  6. Birthplace
  7. Oslo
  8. Interlude
  9. Movement
  10. George


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