November 22, 2010

Heavy Glow: The Filth & The Fury EP

Heavy Glow
photo: Dana Sangillo

Heavy Glow is into fuzzy, psychedelic heavy rock. The San Diego trio are currently working on a full length. Their current EP is entitled The Filth & The Fury which may sound as throwback to the early Seventies rawk sound at first.

Singer Jared Mullins has the rough voice that is associated with that era and his guitar playing was obviously inspired by it. Drummer Dan Kurtz has a basic approach, with a few tricks thrown in to give the back beat a lift, but it's bass player Joe Brooks who will be considered as the MVP, adding funk and even a bit of dance to the mix. They are not a true cross-over act, but they are willing to travel along the back roads and pick up interesting sounds and licks along the way.

Heavy Glow:
Jared Mullins: vocals, guitars
Joe Brooks: bass
Dan Kurtz: drums

Heavy Glow: The Filth & The Fury EP

The Filth & The Fury EP is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website.

  1. I Almost Prayed
  2. Love Ghost
  3. Hot Mess
  4. Bourgeois Baby
  5. Red July
Live dates:
  • 12/10 The Ruby Room, San Diego, CA


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