November 24, 2010

Gov't Mule 2010 torrents: New York 2010/11/22

Gov't Mule
Another One For Woody
Roseland Ballroom
New York, NY

Disc I
  1. Tuning
  2. Railroad Boy >
  3. Blindman In The Dark >
  4. Steppin' Lightly
  5. Banks Of The Deep End
  6. I'm A Ram (w/ Gordie Johnson, Vinnie Amico, and Lim Loughlin)
  7. Warren Banter
  8. Dear Prudence (w/ Chuck Garvey)
Disc II
  1. 32-20 Blues (w/ Cody and Luther Diciknson, and Hook Hererra)
  2. Stay With Me (w/ Rich Robinson And Artemis Pyle)
  3. Sometimes Salvation (w/ Rich Robinson, Artemis Pyle, And Robert Kearns)
  4. Simple Man (w/ Artemis Pyle, Robert Kearns, and Audley Freed)
  5. Wishing Well (w/ Artemis Pyle and Audley Freed)
  6. Soulshine (w/ Artemis Pyle, Audley Freed, and Savannah Woody)

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