October 27, 2010

The Caretakers: Unfinished Thoughts

There are still band out there who give a damn about politics, war and the environment. Hamilton folk trio The Caretakers raise the flag and share their Unfinished Thoughts with the listener.

Jeffrey C. Martin, the band's songwriter, are precise and succinct, but also warm and hopeful. Here is a man who wants the world to be a better place, following the footsteps of his late Sixties and early Seventies peers when folk rock ruled supreme as the thinking man's music of choice. As a former PR honcho who fell out of love with the industry and in love with the music he teamed up with singer Lena Montecalvo who is blessed with the vocal range to make his lyrics work. Guitarist Norm Van Bergen adds depth with his 12-string guitar, channeling The Byrds, and Peter, Paul and Mary. Calling in their friends from The City and The Sea (formerly known as The Mississippi Kings) to play with them on the album was a smart move, adding a soul rock groove to a couple of the tracks.

Decidedly uncool, The Caretakers bring their craftman-ship and sense of melody to the fore. They are about music and the preservation of the Earth. Their type of folk rock is mixed with a sprinkling of hippie idealism and a punk DIY attitude. Food for thought and sounding great.

The Caretakers: Unfinished Thoughts

Unfinished Thoughts is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website. Daddy Laughed, a free 3-track EP, is available via Bandcamp.

  1. It's Thinking Time
  2. Pretty (Can't Find Love)
  3. Blue Skies (Song for Afghanistan)
  4. Daddy Laughed
  5. Dark Roads
  6. Manhattan's Basement
  7. Are You Free On Sunday?
  8. Animal Fever
  9. Why Oh Why
  10. Seven Monkeys On My Back
  11. Sing Merry Christmas (bonus track)

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