October 09, 2010

Poobah: Let Me In

Poobah in 1972

Poobah is a name associated with the glory days of early Seventies acid rock. Led by guitarist and songwriter Jim Gustafson, the trio from Youngstown, OH, burst upon the scene with their debut album Let Me In in 1972. There was method in their madness, churning out fuzz laden songs with basic tales about the grind of a dead end job (Live To work), fighting (Mr. Destroyer) and trying to get away from it all (Rock n' Roll).

The album has become a collector's item and playable copies change hands for big bucks. Now the album is "re-unleashed" and expanded with 12 bonus tracks, the majority of which had been recorded live at Gustafson's living room in the Spring of 1973. The best of these outtakes was already cut during the original album recording sessions at Peppermint Productions in Youngstown. Going to Rock City had all the trappings of becoming a major rock anthem and with it short running time, only 2:50, it was tailor made for loud radio rock stations. Just release it as 7 inch and hand it out to jocks who don't give a fuck about play lists. And throw them a curve ball by using the sci-fi weirdness of Aww, Not Now as the b-side.

Poobah (1972 line-up):
Jim Gustafson: lead and backing vocals, guitar, acoustic 12 string guitar, organ
Phil Jones: bass, lead vocals
Glenn Wiseman: drums
Bonus tracks:
Nikc Gligor: drums, backing vocals, lead vocals on "Walk Of The Bug"
Steve Schwelling; drums

Poobah: Let Me In

Let Me In is released on Ripple Music on CD and deluxe 2LP on coloured vinyl. Release date: October 12.

  1. Mr. Destroyer
  2. Enjoy What You Have
  3. Live To Work
  4. Bowleen
  5. Rock n' Roll
  6. Let Me In
Bonus Tracks
  1. Here's The Band
  2. Make A Man Outta' You
  3. Upside Down Highway
  4. Walk of the Bug
  5. Blooey Gooey
  6. Going To Rock City
  7. Smoke
  8. Mr. Destroyer (Live Rehearsal)
  9. Passion For Freedom
  10. Aww, Not Now *
  11. Bowleen (Radio/45 RPM Version)*
  12. I'm Crazy, You're Crazy

* indicates bonus tracks NOT available on vinyl edition

Video: Poobah - Let Me In

Jim Gustafson keep his freak flag flying, still using Poobah as his stage name.

Live dates:
  • 10/16 Eagles Nest, St. Marys, WV
  • 10/30 5th Street Pub, Parkersburg, WV
  • 11/13 Wilberts (w/ opener Euphoria), Cleveland, OH
  • 11/19 U-PIE, Youngstown, OH
  • 11/20 Greenville Moose, Greenville, PA
  • 11/26 Nicolozakes, Fairpoint, OH
  • 12/11 Eagles Nest, St. Marys, WV

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