October 22, 2010

Phish: Coral Sky

The Phish show at the Coral Sky Amphitheater in West Palm Beach, FL, November 2, 1996, is one the high points in the band's career. The Crosseyed And Painless > Run Like An Antelope is revered by fans. The show is now available as a 2DVD set, with remastered audio in stereo and 5.1, and as a 2CD.

Recorded two days after their Halloween show at the Omni in Atlanta, during which they covered the Talking Head's Remain in Light album in its entirety, they were once again joined by Karl Perazzo (Santana, Prince) on percussion. The danceable, quirky rhythms are a treat throughout, with guitarist Trey Anastasio using his percussion rack quite a few times. The first set was tight, with a jubilant Julius, a solid Cavern > Stash segue, a note perfect The Lizards. They wrapped things up with Chuck Berry's Johnny B. Goode. Not as good as the Stones in their heyday, but close.

Phish: Coral Sky

Set 2 has the band exploring the depth of the Heads' rhythm sense, with a 24 minute plus adventurous Crosseyed And Painless, with Jon Fishman and Anastasio trading vocals in the coda before launching into a freaky, percussive Run Like An Antelope. After a breather song, the ballad Waste, Perazzo and Fishman lock in with bass player Mike Gordon for a groovy Harry Hood.

So, it's all good then? Well almost. Keyboardist Page McConnell can't quite reach the high notes - a challenge for any vocalist - during A Day In The Life, but he puts in nice phrasing for the barbershop moment, the standard Sweet Adeline. With Allman Brothers drummer Butch Trucks sitting in for the Funky Bitch encore one of 1996 most memorable Phish comes to an end.

Coral Sky is released on Jemp Records. Order the 2DVD from Dry Goods or go for the 2CD.

DVD1/CD1 - Set I:
  1. Ya Mar
  2. Julius
  3. Fee >
  4. Taste
  5. Cavern >
  6. Stash
  7. The Lizards
  8. Free
  9. Johnny B. Goode
DVD2/CD2 - Set II:
  1. Crosseyed And Painless >
  2. Run Like An Antelope
  3. Waste
  4. Harry Hood >
  5. A Day In The Life
  6. Sweet Adeline
  7. E: Funky Bitch

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