October 12, 2010

My Pet Dragon: Flow

Todd Michaelsen of NYC duo My Pet Dragon watches his songs like a protective father, sending them out one at the time and dressing them in different outfits to find out which one is best to make new friends. His latest composition is called Flow and it comes in seven different flavors, with a cover of Pearl Jam's Release thrown in as a bonus track.

With his wife Reena Shah, who provided dreamy background vocals and is a striking dancer at their live shows, they have succeeded once more in bridging the gap between indie rock and the dance floor.

My Pet Dragon: Flow

Flow is released on Gimme That Sound Productions.

  1. Flow
  2. Release
  3. Flow (Karsh Kale’s Way of the Dragon mix)
  4. Flow (Randolph Correia’s func remix)
  5. Flow (Big Will’s big mix)
  6. Flow (Carlos Snthony Molina remix)
  7. Flow (Instrumental)
  8. Flow (radio edit)

» mypetdragon.net

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