October 22, 2010

Mike Gordon: Moss: The Remixes

Bass player Mike Gordon offers free remixes of seven tracks from his new solo album Moss:

My idea was not to remix the songs, but moments that had lead to the germination of the songs.

About the Spiral remix:

Not all jam session are bass and drum, but it's a mode I've liked toying with. So this one is me and Joe Russo - I think the same session led to Spiral, Morphing Again, and Babylon Baby. This is an example of being able to hear a bass lick emerge that later is used over and over for the song. After a little bit of playing, I do the mathematically ascending lick (1 12 123 sort of thing, factorial style) that became the six beats per bar verse of Spiral. We decided to leave this one "straight up" (like the Can't Stand Still one) because there is such a floaty feeling created by Joe's mesmerizing drumming, and it's nice just to share the feeling I had while floating the bass on top of that.

» mike-gordon.com/mossmix

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