October 02, 2010

Keller Williams: Kids

Common mistake on albums for kids: letting the kids handle the vocals. Most kids can't sing. Keller Williams should be aware of that, but overcome by fatherly pride he let his daughter Ella wail away on a couple of tracks on his new Kids album.

Luckily on most of the tracks it's Keller with his guitar and assorted gizmos, refraining from simplifying things to reach the under-10 crowd. Don't be surprised if songs like Mama Tooted and Soakie von Soakerman cross-over to his grown-ups shows.

Keller Williams: Kids

Kids is released on Sci Fidelity. Release date: October 26.

  1. My Neighbor Is Happy Again
  2. Car Seat
  3. Because I Said So
  4. Hula Hoop To Da Loop
  5. Horseback Rider
  6. Taking A Bath
  7. Good Advice
  8. Keep It On The Paper
  9. Hey Little Baby
  10. Mama Tooted
  11. Soakie von Soakerman
  12. Lucy Lawcy
  13. Grandmas Feather Bed
  14. The Fastest Song In The World

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