September 09, 2010

The Heavy Pets: The Heavy Pets

The Heavy Pets
photo: Peter Wochniak

Melodic rock from Florida about boys meeting girls. The Heavy Pets don't want the Summer to end on their self-titled album. The singer isn't afraid to try reaching the high notes (and failing), but it gives and edge to their smart borderline middle-of-the-road good time music. Make no mistake, their third, self-titled album has more styles than any hopeful in crappy talent show will ever be able to memorize, let alone reproduce.

There are a free radio-friendly unit shifters like How Would I and Drenched, checkered shirts rawk (Jackie Bones) and the pseudo-rap spoken word piece Lazy Anna, delivered over a NOLA musical backing, a thing that few people can get away with. What's next? Classic slow funk rock? Pick Spin' Round. The Heavy Pets are a jukebox filled with originals. They are a bit to smooth for hipters, but far too advanced for the careless listener. Good luck marketing these guys.

The Heavy Pets
Jeff Lloyd: lead guitar, vocals
Mike Garulli: lead Guitar, vocals
Jim Wuest: keyboard, vocals
Jamie Newitt: drums
Justin Carney: bass, vocals

The Heavy Pets: The Heavy Pets

The Heavy pets is a self-released album. Available on Vinyl, CD, and as digital download Buy it from the band's website.

  1. Drenched
  2. Girl You Make Me Stupid
  3. How Would I
  4. Grace Blix
  5. Jackie Bones
  6. Lazy Anna
  7. Spin ’round
  8. No More Time
  9. Osyrus
  10. 70 Beats in the Lion’s Den
  11. Xylophone
  12. Ichabod’s Train

Live dates:
  • 09/10 Catskill Chill Music Festival - Hancock, NY
  • 09/11 Sullivan Hall - New York, NY
  • 09/15 Jillian's - Albany, NY
  • 09/16 The Westcott Theater - Syracuse, NY
  • 09/22 El Alamo - Key West, FL
  • 09/23 El Alamo - Key West, FL
  • 09/24 The Green Parrot - Key West, FL
  • 09/25 The Green Parrot - Key West, FL
  • 10/02 Folk Fest St. Pete - St. Petersburg, FL
  • 10/16 The Pour House - Charleston, SC
  • 10/30 Southern Monster Mash - Pompano Beach, FL


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