September 11, 2010

LeeLou: Kiss. Death. Love. Come

LeeLou is the stage name of Rebekah Dobbins, a London based singer with a craving for the darker days of New Wave. Her debut EP Kiss. Death. Love. Come was co-written with Paul Simm, who is an important behind-the-scenes force in launching the career of Amy Winehouse and Neneh Cherry.

With a voice that is a bit less menacing than Siouxsie, she sings about the current affairs in the UK; Burn Your Houses Down is an angry song about the MP expenses scandal of 2009, and in Gasoline she takes a stand about the need for a different kind of fuel to keep things going. All very well, but those songs won't age very well lyrically. The big one of the EP is closer Kiss Like Carnivores, a break-up song with the words flowing like Charles Bukowski, one of her literary heroes.

LeeLou: Kiss. Death. Love. Come

Kiss. Death. Love. Come is released on Enso records. Release date: November 1st (vinyl and digital).

  1. Burn Your Houses Down
  2. Kill For Your Love
  3. Gasoline
  4. Kiss Like Carnivores


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