September 25, 2010

Infantree: Would Work

LA band Infantree must be doing something or otherwise they wouldn't have been invited to play at the Bridge School Benefit. Niko Bolas handled the production of their full length Would Work - another Neil Young connection, so a raw sounding collection of songs was to be expected. Not so. Would Work is a typical product of the US West coast: mellow, melodic, poppy with a jazz twist.

On this full length two songs Speak Up and Mourning Glory are familiar for buyers who picked up their debut Food For Thought EP earlier this year. The band have honed their chops on the road, nailing the songs while keeping them fresh. Expect Crash Test Dummies vocal stylings played over well composed, borderline adventurous melodies.

Infantree: Wood Work

Alex Vojdani: vocals, guitar
Donald Fisher: vocals, keys, mandolin, bass, guitar
Matt Kronish: vocals, guitar, banjo, bass
Jordan Avesar: drums

Would Work is released on Vapor Records.

  1. Water
  2. In Line
  3. Speak Up
  4. Rubbed Raw
  5. Hypo
  6. Mourning Glory
  7. Slaughter House
  8. Cloud Of Sound
  9. If She Could
  10. No One's Home
  11. Meet The Gang
  12. To & Fro


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