September 28, 2010

Darryl Jenifer: In Search of Black Judas

Bass player Darryl Jenifer has been holding down the deep end for hardcore reggae punk band Bad Brains for many, many years. In Search of Black Judas is his first solo album, handing out slow dub like its going out of style. It's an album that has "chill out“ written all over it. If you want a bit the noise of his band, try Black Judas with an ominous guitar riff, that gives way to a rock steady groove that is allowed to float.

Darryl Jenifer: In Search of Black Judas (CD)

Jennifer has a message - lots of Jah, Babylon and what not, but listeners who are not into that can kick back and enjoy the vibes that come spilling out of the speakers like lazy waves reaching a sunny beach. Bad Brains singer HR contributed an almost unrecognizable treated vocals for Black Slavery Dayz Mosh. They obviously had fun in the studio cutting this album, sometimes loosing focus and indulging in sound effects that go nowhere.

Darryl Jenifer: In Search of Black Judas (LP)

In Search of Black Judas is released on ROIR. Release date: October 26 on CD and vinyl.

  1. Intro
  2. Black Judas
  3. Trinity Rub
  4. Itz Too Late
  5. Blackvova Love Theme
  6. Over Extension
  7. Away Away
  8. Black Brains
  9. Hey Love Mosh
  10. Song 4 U
  11. Black Slavery Dayz Mosh
  12. Jah Rastafar I
  13. Never Seen A Girl
  14. Babylon Leave Me Alone
  15. Interruption
  16. Outro


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