August 20, 2010

Jump Back Jake: Call Me Your Man

Memphis rock band Jump Back Jake released a strong debut album last year and after the single King of Romance the next addition to their catalog is a concept EP called Call Me Your Man. Yest, it's about boy meets girl and all the trouble that ensues. The title track deals with pain,, the fast paced surf rocker If I Ever Go Back has lead singer Jake Rabinbach making an angry stand and in Tara he is pleading again - "I can love you if only you let me". It all ends with a Rose Colored Coffin (that can hold two), with a stripped down reprise of the title track.

Jump Back Jake: Call Me Your Man

Call Me Your Man is released on Ardent Music. Buy it from the band's website. Release date: September 14.

  1. Call Me Your Man
  2. If I Ever Go Back
  3. Tara
  4. Rose Colored Coffin
  5. Call Me Your Man (Reprise)

Jump Back Jake:
Jake Rabinbach: guitar, vocals
Greg Faison: drums
Jake Vest: guitar, vocals
Brandon Robertson: bass

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