August 28, 2010

Elf Power: Elf Power

Athens psych rockers Elf Power lost a dear friend, mentor, and close collaborator when Vic Chesnutt committed suicide in late 2009. They recorded a collaborative album, Dark Developments, in 2008.

The quintet has soldiered on and their new self-titled album is dedicated to Chestnutt. It's a dark record that manages to sound light and even upbeat at some points. Following the paths that were made by the Byrds, Love and Big Star, they focus on harmony and melody with waves of guitar tumbling gently over the back beat - check out Stranger in the Window and Goldmine in the Sun, creating an updated form of folk rock. Songs like Wander Through, with off kilter breaks and the all over the place rhythm shifts of The Concrete and the Walls, are as close as they are going to get to be pigeon-holed as prog-rock. With strings courtesy of John Fernandes and Heather McIntosh, they proof that they can be anthemic in a non-schmaltzy way. The Elves are here to stay, more power to them.

Elf Power
Andrew Rieger: vocals, guitar
Jimmy Hughes: guitar, keys
Derek Almstead: bass
Eric Harris: drums
Laura Carter: keyboards, clarinet, accordian

Elf Power: Elf Power

Elf Power is released on their own label Orange Twin Records. Release date: September 14.

  1. The Taking Under
  2. Wander Through
  3. Stranger in the Window
  4. Like a Cannonball
  5. Boots of Lead
  6. Spidereggs
  7. Ghost of John
  8. The Concrete and the Walls
  9. Goldmine in the Sun
  10. Tiny Insects
  11. Little Black Holes
  12. Little Hand

Live dates:
  • 09/14 Snug Harbor - Charlotte, NC
  • 09/15 Nightlight - Chapel Hill, NC
  • 09/16 DC9 - Washington, DC
  • 09/17 The Rock Shop - Brooklyn, NY
  • 09/18 Flywheel - Easthampton, MA
  • 09/19 Market Market - Rosendale, NY
  • 09/20 Chronic Town - State College, PA
  • 09/21 TBA
  • 09/22 Strange Matter - Richmond, VA
  • 09/23 Philadelphia's Magic Gardens - Philadelphia, PA
  • 09/24 Brillobox - Pittsburgh, PA
  • 09/25 Midpoint Music Festival - Cincinnati, OH
  • 09/26 The Bishop - Bloomington, IN
  • 09/27 High Noon Saloon - Madison, WI
  • 09/28 Schuba's - Chicago, IL
  • 09/29 Off Broadway - St Louis, MO
  • 09/30 Al's Bar - Lexington, KY
  • 10/01 Next Big Nashville / The End - Nashville, TN
  • 10/02 40 Watt Club - Athens, GA
  • 10/11 Terminal 5 - New York, NY (w/ Broken Bells)

US West Coast and European tour dates to be announced soon.


HCTF review of Dark Developments.

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