August 09, 2010

Dead Leaf Echo: Truth

Another taste of the swooning shoegaze rock from Brooklyn band Dead Leaf Echo. Their new album Truth contains seven tracks mixed by John Fryer, the 4AD sound guru.

Fans of the drawn out echo heavy guitar scapes a la The Cure in their Faith and Pornography will love it. The lead vocals of singer LG are underpinned by the soft whisper of keyboard player Liza Baker. Smart trippy night owl music mixing the cool of the big city with the innocence of dreams. With additional guitar player Ana Breton their overall sound has more structure, but there is still plenty of space to explore single notes and chord progressions.

Dead Leaf Echo:
LG: vocals: guitars, keys
Mike DiLalla: bass
Liza B.: keys, vocals

Dead Leaf Echo: Half-Truth single

Truth is released on 2&1 Records. Release date: October 12. The 7" single Half Truth b/w Babyeyes is available through Custom Made Music.

  1. Half-Truth
  2. Dance In The Light
  3. Act of Truth
  4. Grey Town
  5. Woolgathering
  6. Trial
  7. Act Of Turch (Extended Truth Mix)


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