August 23, 2010

Coltrane Motion: Hello Ambition!

Coltrane Motion are a left-field Chicago-based electronic indie rock duo, who have been releasing stuff since 2000. Michael Bond and Andrew Hagood, who are also part of The Most Powerful Telescope In The Universe project, have used a wide aary of vintage keyboards and trusty Danelectro guitars ro record their new full-length Hello Ambition!. With the help of GD Mills (drums) a, Hilly Kinkel (backup vocals), Tim Heyl (organ)and Jay Reynolds (Sax) the album is segue of continuous lo-fi neo-psychedelic songs that channel The Beatles' Tomorrow Never Knows (the drums in Maya Blue) and the determined experimentation of artists like Robyn Hitchcock and Steve Wynn.

With Hello Ambition! Coltrane Emotion are traveling on musical on roads that Jack White and The Edge should look into.

Coltrane Motion: Hello Ambition!

Hello Ambition! is released on Datawaslost.

  1. When We Were Old
  2. Maya Blue
  3. I Forgot There Was A War On
  4. Wherever This Is
  5. Only Again
  6. Terra
  7. High Tide
  8. My Heart Might Go On
  9. Please Call It A Comeback
  10. One Year From Now

Live dates:
  • 09/25 TBA - Columbus, OH
  • 09/26 Ingenuity Festival - Cleveland, OH
  • 09/27 TBA - Detroit, MI
  • 09/29 Pop Montreal Int'l Music Festival - Montreal, QC
  • 09/30 Pop Montreal Int'l Music Festival - Montreal, QC
  • 10/01 TBA - Buffalo, NY
  • 10/02 Ottawa Tavern - Toledo, OH
  • 10/07 Empty Bottle - Chicago, IL


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