July 05, 2010

Jo Hamilton: playing Omer Yosha's AirPiano

Playing an instruments with your hands without actually touching the instrument? Sure, we have the Theremin, but UK singer-songwriter Jo Hamilton found an instrument that takes this concept further: a prototype of the AirPiano, designed by Omer Yosha:

At first, the instrument appears to be nothing more than a simple wooden plank, but that simplicity belies the complex array of 8 horizontal embedded sensors, each of which can distinguish between three vertical zones above it, creating a 3D matrix of 'keys' in the air. Each of these virtual keys can either play any note on an attached electronic instrument or computer, or act as a fader controlling things such as volume, pitch, brightness etc - even stage lighting.

Video: Jo Hamilton - Playing the AirPiano
Video: Jo Hamilton - Playing the AirPiano (How It Works)

More demos can be found at Omer Yosha's wesbite.

» johamilton.com
» airpiano.de

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