June 18, 2010

Live Jambands in Holland #126:
The Bridge Amsterdam 2010-03-23 (part #02)

The Bridge on the bridge in Amsterdam
photo: Sam Friedman

Episode 126 in the podcasts section Live Jambands in Holland. Second (and final) part of The Bridge 2010-03-23 show in Amsterdam at the Jam in the Dam Festival:

Live Jambands in Holland #126:
The Bridge
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2010-03-23 (part#02) (click to download)
Taped by eurodrifter
Running time: 36:42 -- 128 kbit
Taper: Festival Staff
Source: FOH Matrix -> CDR
Transfer: CDR -> EAC -> PC
Processing: Fade in, fade out & tracking using SoundForge 9.0.
Conversion: FLAC frontend 1.7.1 used to align on sector boundaries and for Flac16 Conversion @ level 8
Tagging: Band name, Venue and Song Title in Foobar2000

  1. Slow Flame
  2. Fiyo on the Bayou @*
  3. Express Yourself #*
  4. Moonlight Mission &
  5. Bad Locomotive (fades out)

@ Neville Brothers cover
* with Debrissa McKinney, vocals & Josh Phillips, vocals (Josh Phillips Folk Festival) and Joe Tatton, keyboard (New Mastersounds)
# Charles Wright and the Watts 103rd St. Band cover
& live debut

» thebridgemusic.com
» myspace.com/thebridgebaltimore
» archive.org/details/TheBridge

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