May 06, 2010

Wesley Wolfe: Storage

Wesley Wolfe is a singer-songwriter from Carrboro, NC, a town in Orange Country that likes to brag about being a home for artists and farmers. There are a few bars and you shouldn't have a hard time tracking down the one where Wesley is working. Between shifts he is a musician who has just released Storage, his second album. As a true DIY guy he did most of the work himself: vocals, guitar, bass and drums. Christopher Homick lended a hand playing cello.

Elliot Smith is obviously a big influence and his lyrics are pretty bleak. He likens himself to a seed that grew to become Another Weed: "I'm The Iliad & The Odyssey a cry baby's diary / Thrown into the fire sending out smoke signals to you / I quit the Boy Scouts long ago and I never learned to untie the ropes / Or how to suck the poison out of everything". All the Weltschmertz aside, Storage is captivating effort, with Wolfe's rollicking acoustic guitar and basic drum fills serving as a counterpoint for the seriousness of his words.

Wesley Wolfe: Storage

Storage is released thru Odessa Records. Also available on iTunes

  1. Only Ray of Sunshine
  2. Sorry Only Counts the First Time
  3. Gone for Good
  4. In Primary Colors
  5. Another Weed
  6. Who’s Going To Truly Love You
  7. Locked In
  8. Then On Sunday
  9. Food Chain
  10. Wintery Mix

Live dates:
  • 06/25 Peoria Theater, Peoria, IL
  • 06/26 Quenchers Saloon, Chicago, IL


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