May 11, 2010

The Ex-Girlfriends Club: The Ex-Girlfriends Club EP

The Ex-Girlfriends Club EP

Aim. Shoot. Miss. Portland band The Ex-Girlfriends Club have a self-titled EP that takes cues form the darkness Jesus and Mary Chain and the glam rock of the New York Dolls. The result should have been a heady mixture that would be scary and loud, but the vocals are too self-conscious and the music lacks real power. Ryan Carroll, who goes by the name of Orion for this project, is also a member of Saturna, a band that is way ahead of this project. Turn it up, guys, and you might get it right next time. O, and get rid of those stupid aliases.

The Ex-Girlfriends Club:
Albatross: pant hoots & growls
Orion: feedback machines, harmonic visions
R2: ferocity tones
Ginger Snapped: organ grinder, earthshaker
Jakkel: heavy vibrations
Action Lord: a pummelin' & a shakin', yonder voices

  1. Your Prescription
  2. Hurt Me
  3. Devil Eyes
  4. Tower

Live date:
  • 05/15 Slabtown, Portland OR (w/ Les Etrangers | Drugstore Cowboys | The Pink Snowflakes | The Satin Chaps)


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