May 02, 2010

Lucky Soul: A Coming Of Age

Sadness sounding sweet. That's what the new Lucky Soul album A coming Of Age is about. It's the sound of Swinging London in the Sixties meeting the Smiths. Lead singer Ali Howard gets away with telling people of, because she has the innocent look of a pop girl. Take the title tracks in which she declares that "Innocence fell at the first, oh to be young and naive. / Plans that were reckless at most, picked them apart at the seams".

With the twin guitars of composer Andrew Laidlaw and Ivor Sims swinging above the toe-tapping drums of Mr Atkins, the held back keys of Art Terry and cool-as-fuck bass lines Russell Grooms the album has an open texture, topped off by the Stockholm Strings with violin, viola and cello.

Relationships might go Up In Flames or being smothered in Warm Water - "Dark Times Ahead" are the very first lyrics sung on the album - A Coming Of Age is a record that will get many spins on lazy Sunday afternoon.

Lucky Soul:
Ali Howard: vocals
Andrew Laidlaw: guitar
Ivor Sims: guitar
Art Terry: keys
Russell Grooms: bass
Mr Atkins: drums

Lucky Soul: A Coming Of Age

A Coming Of Age is released on Ruffa Lane Records.

  1. Woah Billy!
  2. White Russian Doll
  3. Up In Flames
  4. Love³
  5. Upon Hilly Fields
  6. A Coming Of Age
  7. Warm Water
  8. Ain't Nothing Like A Shame (To Bring It All Back Home)
  9. That's When Trouble Begins
  10. Southern Melancholy
  11. Our Heart
  12. Could Be I Don't Belong Anywhere

Live dates:
  • 05/13 Firebug, Leicester, UK, Brighton, UK
  • 05/14 The Great Escape
  • 05/15 Andrew DJ Set @ How Does It Feel To Be Loved
  • 06/19 Sala Caracol, Madrid, Spain
  • 01/11 Basingstoke Live Festival, Basingstoke, UK


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