May 04, 2010

Jordan Galland: Search Party

NYC singer and movie maker Jordan Galland is a stylish guy. On his previous album Airbrush he took aim at (and hit) the posers, with a sense of humor softening the blow. His new one Search Party is a bit darker.

Galland kept the orchestrated pop that is peddled by Jarvis Cocker and Spottiswoode & His Enemies. He feels sorry for the people he sings about (Paper Snowflake, Football & Stippers) - they are the beautiful losers that were immortalized in the Leonard Cohen novel. As a film maker he knows how to conjure up images. Don a pair of headphones and his characters come alive in your mind's eye.

Jordan Galland: Search Party

Search Party is a self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. Your New Best Friend
  2. Paper Snowflake
  3. Search Party
  4. Sexy Girl
  5. The Coolest Boy On Earth
  6. Desert Flowers
  7. Free Love
  8. Music Without Words
  9. The Fight
  10. Can't Say Why
  11. Football & Strippers
  12. Someone Loves You


HCTF review of Airbrush.

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