April 13, 2010

My Pet Dragon: Lover In Hiding

My Pet Dragon
photo: Marissa Evans

Todd Michaelsen (vocals, guitar, keys, programming) and Reena Shah (vocals, percussion), are the core members of NYV band My Pet Dragon For their new maxi single Lover In Hiding they are backed by a Gov't Mule's Danny Louis (bass) and Rajeev Maddela (drums).

While Michaelsen is blessed with a wide vocal range, his wife Reena adds the flow and rhythms she perfected while working as an Indian dancer. At first it sounds like borderline emo, but thankfully they dig deeper and the other two tracks on the maxi single are in fact superior. Between Us is pulled forward by a dry drum sound and New Nation has a deceptive down home guitar that will baffle buskers - too bad that the song ends rather abruptly.

My Pet Dragon: Lover In Hiding

Lover In Hiding is released on Gimme That Sound Productions. Buy it from CDBaby or download it from iTunes.

  1. Lover In Hiding (Reprise)
  2. Lover In Hiding
  3. Between Us
  4. New Nation
  5. Lover In Hiding (Instrumental)
  6. Lover In Hiding (Radio Edit)

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