April 16, 2010

Curtis Evans: Life with the Buffalo

Curtis Evans
photo: Caroline Horist

Curtis Evans is a Chicago based musician writing dark rock songs with an alt.country twist. His rough vocals were inspired by Townes van Zandt with a lighter touch that might remind you of Tom Petty, Sturgis Nikides and Kris Kristofferson.

He released the More Songs about Loneliness EP in 2008 and his new full length Life with the Buffalo tells stories about women, booze and loss. This is the kind of guy who can win over a rowdy bar crowd armed with just his guitar and his stage presence. Bookers however should consider booking him and his band for optimum results - and stock up on beer.

Curtis Evans: Life with the Buffalo

Life with the Buffalo is released digitally and on vinyl by Grape Juice Records. Release date: May 25. The lead single Windows can be bought from Amazon.

  1. Life with the Buffalo
  2. Baltimore
  3. Windows
  4. Nancy Oh Nancy
  5. You and Me
  6. By Way of the Lord
  7. Mark of the Beast
  8. Sister
  9. Lion in Winter
  10. Won't Serve in Heaven
  11. The Good Life
  12. There is a Devil

» myspace.com/curtisevans

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