March 13, 2010

Young Mothers: “Come On, The Cross” b/w “Good Swords”

Good news for vinyl lovers. Musician and producer James Tritten of the newly founded Fort Lowell Records kicks off with a single by the Young Mothers, a five-piece from Tucson, AZ.

Songwriter Zachary Bennett Toporek has come up with two pop songs that can stand the test of time. Come On, The Cross is driven by a Pixies styled guitar and vocal parts that explore different tempos. The flip-side Good Swords is slower with Sixties West Coast harmonizing.

“Come On, The Cross” b/w “Good Swords” is released on 7 inch green vinyl, limited to 500 copies. Cover art by photographer Alaina Brownell, who is still using analog equipment. Release date: April 20. Vinyl challenged? Look for it at the usual digital outlets.


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