March 18, 2010

Team William: Team William

Belgian band Team William is a band peddling off-beat rhythms to the indie rock fans. The quartet builds their songs on a lofi slightly cheesy keyboard sound with an energetic back beat that finds a comfortable place between the listeners ears and then refuses to leave. Stray notes and weird sounds galore, but the band keeps focused through out - it's fun alright, but they are serious about it. They'd better be with producer/drummer Mario Goossens (Triggerfinger) in the producer's seat.

Their self-titled debut picked up some nice press in Belgium and the next stop is Holland where they will be supporting The Mad Trist on a couple of dates.

Team William:
Floris De Decker: vocals, guitar
Bert Moerman: bass, vocals
Douwe Van Maele: drums
Arne Sunaert: keys, backing vocals

Team William

Team William is released through Keremos.

  1. London Lofi
  2. You Have My Heart, Okay
  3. Lord of the Dogs
  4. First Snow
  5. Judo Kid
  6. Wonderyear III
  7. 70%
  8. Hotel
  9. Last Man on the Moon
  10. Me + My Hobo
  11. You Look Familiar
  12. Peptalk

Video: Team William - You Have My Heart, Okay
Video: Team William - Lord of the Dogs
Video: Team William - You Look Familiar

Live dates:
  • 02/20 De Piek - Vlissingen, The Netherlands #
  • 02/26 Hoeveschuur - Kuurne, Belgium
  • 02.26 Tripelrock - Wezembeek-Oppem, Belgium
  • 02/27 AB@BOTA - Brussel, Belgium
  • 03/04 Paard Van Troje - Den Haag, The Netherlands #
  • 03/06 Muziekgieterij - Maastricht, The Netherlands #
  • 03/12 Hindu Nights - Het Depot, Leuven
  • 03/24 Rits - Brussel
  • 03/25 013 - Tilburg, The Netherlands #
  • 03/02 Nieuwe Nor - Heerlen, The Netherlands #
  • 04/03 Sonic Connections - Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

# supporting The Mad Trist


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