March 11, 2010

Moonshine Ramblers: Moonshine Ramblers

Hair, booze and banjos. Sounds like a folk country band? Yup, the Moonshine Ramblers from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, have just self-released their debut album, recorded live off the creaky floor of a loft converted into a recording studio of sorts. with just a few vocal overdubs to iron out the wrinkles.

Music that feels like a pair of jeans that is on the brink of falling apart but still fits like a glove. The influence of The Band is obvious and there is a nod to Neil Young here and there, but you can also spot a bit of Nick Cave in a cheery mood. Somewhere in the distance the ghost of Hank Williams gives a thumbs up.

Moonshine Ramblers:
Andrew Sneddon: vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica, Dobro
Mark Gallant: telecaster, vocals, banjo
Gary Peacock: percussion, vocals
Alex Hastie: slide guitar, guitars, banjo, vocals
Adam Pye: double bass, vocals

Moonshine Ramblers: Moonshine Ramblers

Moonshine Ramblers is a self-released album. Buy it from CD Baby.

  1. Way Downtown
  2. Chicken Skull
  3. South Mountain
  4. Some Like Wine
  5. St. Stephen's Fire
  6. The Diddy (Intermission)
  7. Rising Sun
  8. Heavy Drinkin' Woman
  9. Darkness and Stars
  10. Lonesome Road
Live date:
  • 04/17 Bearly's, Halifax, Nova Scotia


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