March 15, 2010

Gloria Cycles: Religious

UK band Gloria Cycles have released a three track EP called Relgious which serves as a teaser for their new album Campsite Discotheque. It's a bit risky to call them Britpop, their singer is a Scot, who looks like he missed out on being a roaring twenties sportsman.

The title track of the EP is used in the motion picture My Last 5 Girlfriends, but it thankfully far too good (and uptempo) to be considered as a sappy chick flic track. Chewed Up is angry love song of sorts and Wonderbus will fit in nicely among a collection of early Kinks and Who singles (think Blur in their Modern Life Is Rubbish phase).

Gloria Cycles: Religious

Gloria Cycles:
Kenny McCracken: lead vocals, guitar
Jen Dalby: vocals, bass
Julian Ward: guitar, vocals
Jack Hannan: Drums

Religious is released on A & G Records.

  1. Religious
  2. Chewed Up
  3. Wonderbus

Live dates:
  • 03/17 Hilton Hotel Austin, TX
  • 03/17 SXSW - Habana Calle 6 Austin, TX
  • 04/08 T.B.C Rome, Italy, Roma
  • 04/09 Ex Macello, Censenatico, Italy
  • 04/10 Limonaia Festival Fucecchio, Florence, Italy
  • 04/11 Mattatoio Carpi, Italy
  • 04/17 Purple Turtle Camden, London, UK
  • 05/06 Concorde 2 Brighton, UK
  • 05/18 Audio Brighton, London, UK
  • 05/29 Meadowlands Festival Glynde, Nr Lewes, UK


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