February 19, 2010

The Greatcoats: The Greatcoats

Multi-instrumentalist David Tenczar from Austin, TX, was born in the wrong era, and maybe even the wrong country. Taking his inspiration from British and American Sixties pop bands, he builds his song around the vocals. His band The Greatcoats is a basically a one-man affair, with a bunch of friends helping out on drums, keyboards, trumpet, mellotron and piano.

Sounding like vocalist Allan Clarke of The Hollies his self-titled debut album name checks Paul McCartney crossing Abbey Road while he turns to George Harrison for his guitar tone. His lyrics deal mostly with women, with inspired lines like "The way that you move could be considered a crime" setting him apart from the "moon/june" crap that holds court in pop. It's all be done before, but that's not a problem if it sounds good.

David Tenczar is currently busy preparing for a couple of SXSW performances in March.

The Greatcoats: The Greatcoats

The Greatcoats is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website. Release date: March 9th.

  1. Birdsong
  2. Come Up and See
  3. In England
  4. All Over
  5. Slow Me Down
  6. Face
  7. The One In The Sun
  8. My Dear
  9. Lady Lampshade
  10. Stop
  11. The Scarce Few

» thegreatcoats.com
» myspace.com/thegreatcoats

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