February 21, 2010

Lucky Soul: "A Coming of Age" drops April 19th

Lucky Soul: A Coming of Age

A Coming of Age, the new Lucky Soul album drops April 19th on Ruffalane Records. The London pop band offer the title track as a free download.

Their next single - an official release of radio fave Woah Billy!- will hit stores on April 12th. A full UK and European tour will be announced shortly.

  1. Woah Billy!
  2. White Russian Doll
  3. Up In Flames
  4. Love3
  5. Upon Hilly Fields
  6. A Coming of Age
  7. Warm Water
  8. Ain't Nothin' Like A Shame
  9. That's When Trouble Begins
  10. Southern Melancholy
  11. Our Heart
  12. Could Be I Just Don't Belong

» luckysoul.co.uk
» myspace.com/luckysoulluckysoul

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