February 11, 2010

Chris Bell: I Am The Cosmos (Deluxe)

Chris Bell (1951-78) was a major force in Big Star, but bailed out after the #1 Record was a commercial failure. He never got around to release a proper solo album during his lifetime - he died in a car crash in 1978. His full solo discography consisted of one single - "I Am the Cosmos"/"You and Your Sister".

Bell had been making tons of demos at Ardent Studios in Memphis and a selection was finally released as belated solo abum entitled I Am The Cosmos in 1992, with three versions of his signature song You And Your Sister.

Fast forward to the 21st Century for a Deluxe edition. While digging through the archives lost of hereto unheard songs turned up and they make up the bulk of the second disc. They have been scraping the barrel at times and "demo" is too big a word for some of them, but it gives the listener the opportunity to follow the process of songwriting, warts and all. Bell was damn fine guitarist and although he doesn't have the power pop voice of his former Big Star bandmate Alex Chilton he outshines at times him with his composition skills.

I Am The Cosmos is released on Rhino Handmade.

  1. I Am The Cosmos
  2. Better Save Yourself
  3. Speed Of Sound
  4. Get Away
  5. You And Your Sister
  6. I Got Kinda Lost
  7. Look Up
  8. Make A Scene
  9. There Was A Light
  10. I Don't Know
  11. Fight At The Table
  12. Though I Know She Lies
  1. Looking Forward
  2. Sunshine
  3. My Life Is Right
  4. I Don't Know (alternate version)
  5. You And Your Sister (alternate version)
  6. I Am The Cosmos Extended (alternate version)
  7. Speed Of Sound (alternate version)
  8. Fight At The Table (alternate mix)
  9. Make A Scene (alternate mix)
  10. Better Save Yourself (alternate mix)
  11. Get Away (alternate version)
  12. You And Your Sister (acoustic version)
  13. Stay With Me (with Keith Sykes)
  14. In My Darkest Hour (with Nancy Bryan)
  15. Clacton Rag (Instrumental)

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