January 05, 2010

The Vandelles: The Vandelles

New York is the world capitol for noise. The Vandelles have tried to capture something of the grind of the Big Apple within the space of the five tracks of their self-titled EP. Taking cues from Sonic Youth and The Jesus and Mary Chain they wave dense dance tunes with a surf rock feel. Not the sunny kind with the dude with loud pants an a million dollar smile, but the one that comes up for air cursing and spitting after been hit by monster wave.

The EP has been remastered for the UK and Europe market and i e ven more in-you-face than the original Safranin Sound release. The mayhem of Dead Wave will appeal to the shoegaze crowd and opener Lovely Weather will melt the snow on your front porch.

The Vandelles:
Jason Schwartz: guitar, vocals
Suzanne Pagliorola: drums, percussion, projections & drum machine
Lisha Nadkarni: bass, vocals
Christo Buffam: guitar, vocals
David M. Herbert: projection

The Vandelles: The Vandelles

The Vandelles EP is released on SVC Records. Release date: January 18th.

  1. Lovely Weather
  2. Swell To Heaven
  3. Die For It Cowboy
  4. Fever of The Beat
  5. Dead Wave

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