January 14, 2010

The Disco Biscuits: Planet Anthem

The Disco Bisucits always had trouble with the vocals. So why not enlist a few people who have a way with words. On Planet Anthem the electronica-jam fusion is mixed with hiphop, prog rock (Loose Change) and even pop - Fish Out of Water is a Sixties pastiche that goes for The Kinks' vaudeville approach.

There were three EPs leading up to this new full length, so much of the material is already released. The Biscuits go for shorter songs and less jamming, which has neatly divided its followers into lovers and haters. The repetitive drone driven soundscapes are still there with songs like Uber Glue, Konkrete and Rain Song, but the high energy dance rock tunes are where the Biscuits are right now. You and I, Sweatbox and The City will have their audiences jumping up and down like crazy trying to keep up with the beat and the strobe lightning.

The current tour proofs that the material comes into its own on stage. The haters will pleased to know that the band is in fact expanding the songs, creating segues like they have done for years and years.

The Disco Biscuits:
Allen Aucoin: drums
Marc Brownstein: bass, vocals
Jon Gutwillig: guitar, vocals
Aron Magner: keyboards, vocals

Planet Anthem is released on Diamond Riggs Records . Release date: February 2nd.

The Disco Biscuits: Planet Anthem Tracks:
  1. Loose Change
  2. On Time
  3. Widgets
  4. You And I
  5. Konkrete
  6. Uber Glue
  7. Rain Song
  8. Fish Out Of Water
  9. Sweatbox
  10. The City
  11. Big Wrecking Ball
  12. Save Your Soul
  13. Vacation

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