January 19, 2010

John Cale: 2010/01/19 Hobart setlist

John Cale in Sydney (c) Peter Andrew

John Cale
Hobart Town Hall
Hobart, Australia

John gave a nice introduction about Nico and the Symphony/Ballet. A beautiful performance. His current band participated.
  1. Introduction by John Cale
  2. Modelling
  3. Ari Sleepy Too
  4. Iceberg 2

Yue Hong Cha: violin
Andrew Metaxas: viola
Will Clark: viola
Joe St. Leon: viola
Sue-Ellen Paulsen: cello
Michael Fortescue: double bass
Dustin Boyer: guitar & noise
Michael Jerome: cajon & noise
Joseph Karnes: keys & noise

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(Thanks: Nolan - photo: Peter Andrew)

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