January 10, 2010

For Selena And Sin: Primrose Path

For Selena and Sin is a typical, modern mainstream metal band. No more shredding but focus on melodies that are decidedly "pop" and a female singer with powerful pipes. The Finnish quintet are pretty well known on the club circuit in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe and with their sophomore album Primrose Path they might add a few more countries to their fanbase.

Uptempo songs are rare on this album. Psyhco Lover comes close and Horst, Broken Mirror and Don't Touch The Sky are the kind of metal songs that were recorded by the dozen in the UK in the late eighties. The band are not above covering songs by mainstream artists like Chris Isaac's Wicked Game and on Primrose Path they take on Confide In Me (Kylie Minogue). With the twin guitars taking over after the rather lame church like keyboards intro the song is deconstructed and rebuild into an anthem that is set into a country with windswept plains and crumbling castles, with singer Annika Jalkanen posing as a betrayed heroine.

For Selena and Sin:
Annika Jalkanen: vocals
Pasi Kolari: guitars
Martti Pohjosaho: lead guitars
Teemu Oksanen: keyboards
Aapeli Kivimäki: bass
Taneli Sillanmäki: drums

For Selena And Sin: Primrose Path

Primrose Path is released on Mascot Records. Release date: January 25th.

  1. Countdown To The Stars
  2. Bring Me The Sun
  3. Rusty Rails Of Yesterday
  4. Horst
  5. Confide In Me
  6. Broken Mirror
  7. Colour My World
  8. Psycho Lover
  9. Don’t Touch The Sky
  10. Summer Hill
  11. Five Days In A Row
  12. Sister Sunset
Live dates:
  • 10/01 Exit Chmelnice Praha - Czech Republic #
  • 11/01 Bunkr Prague - Czech Republic #
  • 12/01 Club Madness Wroclaw - Poland #
  • 13/01 Alaus Namai Vilnius - Lithuania #
  • 14/01 Roxy Club Klaipeda - Lithuania #
  • 15/01 Club Depo, Riga- Latvia #
  • 16/01 Rockiklubi Valga - Estonia #
  • 26/02 Nuclear Nightclub, Oulu, Finland
  • 27/02 Bar Koodi, Kemi, Finland
  • 11/03 Dante’s Highlight, Helsinki, Finland
  • 12/03 Red Neck, Jyväskylä, Finland
  • 30/03 On the Rocks, Helsinki, Finland
  • 31/03 Pub Katse, Jyväskylä, Finland
  • 01/04 Sputnik, Tampere, Finland

# w/ Manzana & Teardown

» forselena.net
» myspace.com/forselenaandsin

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