January 25, 2010

Doug Keith: The Lucky Ones

Multi-instrumentalist and singer Doug Keith used to be a member of the rather brilliantly named punk band The Gods Hate Kansas, before he went solo with an album called Here’s To Outliving Me in 2009. Reviews were friendly and with the follow-up release The Lucky Ones he changes the main mode of his songs to folk-tinged pop (The Lowest Low, On the Kid & the Days) with some hints of punk rock riffing thrown in for good measure (Maria del Bosco).

Doug Keith: The Lucky Ones

Songs that sound like they are recorded sitting down on rocking chairs on the porch should be heard in a stripped down environment. The cheesy backing vocals of Don't Let Your Darkness Overtake You and Skip James Radio are a mistake he shouldn't repeat.

The Lucky Ones is released on The Village Label. Release date: March 30.

Doug Keith: vocals, guitar, percussion, bass, organ, piano
Ben Lord: percussion
Lindsy Sullivan: piano, organ, backing vocals
Margaret White: violin, backing vocals
Craig Chin: bass
Courtney Kaiser: backing vocals
Kendall Mease: backing vocals

  1. We Left Everything
  2. The Lucky Ones
  3. Maria del Bosco
  4. The Lowest Low
  5. The Echo Will Fade
  6. Don't Let Your Darkness Overtake You
  7. Skip James Radio
  8. On the Kid & the Days
  9. Arms Heavy
  10. Come Back Become
  11. Just the Coming Home
Live dates:
  • 02/10 Pittsburgh, PA @ Howler's Coyote Cafe
  • 02/11 Columbus, OH @ The Treehouse
  • 02/15 Chicago, IL @ Quenchers
  • 02/16 Des Moines, IA @ Vaudeville Mews
  • 02/17 Champaign, IL @ Aroma Cafe
  • 02/18 Indianapolis, IN @ Lazy Daze Coffeehouse
  • 02/20 Louisville, KY @ Sunergos Coffee
  • 02/22 Winston-Salem @ Wake Forest Radio in studio session
  • 02/22 Winston-Salem @ The Garage with Della Mae
  • 02/26 Greensboro, NC @ The Green Bean w/ North Elementary
  • 02/27 Chapel Hill, NC @ The Cave w/ North Elementary

» dougkeith.com
» myspace.com/douglaskeith

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