January 22, 2010

Carcrashlander: Where To Swim

Lots of albums are marketed with hefty claims to be something new, but few of them actually are. Where To Swim by Portland band Carcrashlander might proof to be the peak of their career in later years - that one time when everything just works like a charm. Led by songwriter Cory Gray who plays keyboards and horns (and bass on one track) the songs flow like a river on a glorious summer day. Mind you, the lyrics are pretty dark at times but the guitar licks and lazy keyboards will lift the dread of House Arrest. Rosie on the other hand is wrapped in horns and piano, the drums edging her along. Sts-925 is an instrumental that could turned into a full blown orchestral piece inspired by the avant-garde titans as Strawsinky and Shostakovich.

So it isn't so much as a question of Where To Swim, but more like what you are waiting for? Jump right in, the water is fine.

Cory Gray: vocals, keyboards, horns
Brian Wright: drums, backing vocals
Jessica Wright: flute, backing vocals
Cliff Hayes: bass
Alexis Gideon: guitar

Carcrashlander: Where To Swim

Where To Swim is released on Parks and Records. The CD and the vinyl version are housed in silkscreened covers.

  1. Landmines
  2. House Arrest
  3. Boatfull Of Buckeyes
  4. Overgrown
  5. Rosie
  6. Where To Swim
  7. Sts-925
  8. Behind You In Line
  9. Windtunnel
  10. Yellow Car Tides

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